Changing the face of men’s health at Central Support…

During November a few of you may have noticed men walking around The Southern Co-operative with slightly more upper lip hair than usual. For those of you that didn’t know, this was in aid of Movember. A month-long period of men sporting moustaches to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, in particular prostate and testicular cancer.

Scott Fisher, Mark Leavey and John Samuel from the Development Department at Central Support put away their razors during November become fully fledged Mo Bros, sporting a mo to raise as much awareness and funds for this good cause.

They were challenged further by DCI to keep theirs Mo’s until the 16th December 2011and shave them off at Central Support. For these extra few days DCI donated another £150.00 to the fund.


“We all got quite a bit of grief from our other halves, especially when we decide to carry on until the 16th. My daughter in particular would not come anywhere near me, “ said Scott Fisher.

Mark leavey added “it’s nice not to feel like Grizzly Adams, but it was all in a good cause.” Though John did reply “it feels a little colder now the hair has gone!”

The guys were delighted with the £1,267 raised for Movember.

Scott says “A massive thank you to all of you who donated and for your amazing support. The money raised was way beyond our expectations.”