Heading global

From a Moroccan fez to a cowboy hat, staff at the North Harbour head office of The Southern Co-operative have been getting multicultural in the headwear department.

It’s all to do with the launch of the International Year of Co-operatives,organised by the United Nations to show how co-operatives can ‘build a better world’.

Ted Merdler, head of Brand Engagement and Communications for The Southern Co-operative, said: ‘We are a unique local business, owned
by our members and we are committed to the communities in which we trade.

‘We support local, good causes via our community funds, but as well as supporting the local community, we are part of a much wider body, the huge, international movement of co-operation.’

Co-operatives provide 100 million jobs around the world, and The Southern Co-operative operates 156 retail food stores and 38 funeral homes across the south, employing around 3,500 people.