tomato stall and southern coop

Southern Co-op #LocalFlavours Hero Isle of Wight – The Tomato Stall

Ross Hammond of The Tomato Stall


The Tomato Stall was founded in 2007, taking freshly picked Isle of Wight Tomatoes to farmers’ markets around London. As word of their tomatoes spread, people lined up to purchase their great tasting tomatoes, and The Tomato Stall began to attend more markets and food shows across the south. Farm shops and delis began stocking their tomatoes, and more recently they have begun to make pure tomato juices and sauces too. The Tomato Stall produce is now available in shops and delis throughout the UK and on the menu in some of the country’s top restaurants.


“We have worked with Southern Co-op since 2008, starting with local branches on the Isle of Wight. Now this has now opened up to Hampshire & Sussex with the view that we can continue to grow. We value Southern Co-op’s support and collaboration greatly – together we bring variety, freshness and a clear provenance to the retail sector.”

Daniella Tarrant, Sales Manager at The Tomato Stall