Southern Co-op #LocalFlavours Hero Wiltshire – Wilton Wholefoods

Solomon Rimer of Wilton Wholefoods

Wilton Wholefoods is a family run wholefood company based just outside the beautiful cathedral city of Salisbury, owned and operated by brothers, Daniel an

d Solomon along with Solomon’s wife, Nicola.

The company was founded in 1988. It started as a market stall called Sunrize Wholefoods and the stall is still run today.

Wilton Wholefoods specialises in packing the tastiest snacks, the most wholesome wholefoods and original cereals and granolas blended in house from unique recipes.

“We have a fantastic relationship with Southern Co-op and enjoy working with them due to their community based ethos. Since we started working with them, we have seen an extremely positive impact on our business and have taken on additional permanent staff to help with the increase in sales.”

-Solomon Rimer, co-owner, Wilton Wholefoods