Pill pupils open The Southern Co-operative’s new community store

Pupils from Crockerne Church of England Primary School officially opened The Southern Co-operative’s new community supermarket in Pill last Friday (9 November).

Pupils joined Store Manager Ed Hearn and colleagues to cut the ribbon and welcome customers to the new store, which has created 13 new jobs. Ed said: “I’m really looking forward to working closely with the Pill community now we’ve opened this new TSC store. We’ll be launching a Community Support Card scheme in the New Year too, which gives local charities the opportunity to bid for a donation of £10,000, so do look out for information about this when you visit the store”. Crockerne CofE Primary School was presented with a donation of £500 at the store opening.


The Community Support Card Scheme (CSC) is run in selected The Southern Co-operative’s stores. It enables local communities to raise funds by presenting a green CSC card, which are issued free by the participating store, every time they purchase goods in-store. Every time the green card is swiped, TSC contribute to the fund, there is no cost to the customer. The more customers use the card, the more quickly funds are raised. Each year, local good causes wanting to apply for the funding can submit a bid, and recipient causes are chosen by a panel of local members working with The Southern Co-operative store team.

Visitors to the store’s opening were invited to sample locally produced food and drink from the store’s Local Flavours range and the first 100 customers were each presented with a box of chocolates. Local residents can also take advantage of a money-saving discounts and a special offer of £5 off when spending £15 or more, valid until 7 December. Pill’s TSC is located at 1-2 Baltic Place, Pill, near Bristol.

The Southern Co-operative is an independent business with over 160 stores, owned by its members and trading only in the south of England.


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  1. Glenis Jones
    Glenis Jones says:

    This shop has been here a month now and it should be getting its act together. You have something to live up to with the previous owner of the premises making sure he stocked everything our could get it for you. I speak to a lot of people in the village as I have lived there 60 years who now only go in there occasionally where before they where regular shoppers. These are a few points that you should be addressing. How on a Sat morning at 10 do I go in for a large freshly cooked loaf to find there are none and when I make enquires I am told they cooked the last two this morning. This shop use to sell a lot of freshly cooked large loaves. To go in for a packet of frozen peas to find there are none a basic commodity. You go in for fresh carrots and onions and there are none. But you can see mushrooms reduced because someone has over ordered. Perhaps you need to get someone in the store to ask people what there concerns are before you loose more customers.

    • admin
      admin says:

      We appreciate your feedback which is valuable in helping to improve the service we offer.

      The store was previously serviced by a local independent bakery in Portishead, unfortunately the bakery has now ceased to trade..
      As a result we have put in the TSC Instore Bakery offer which does differ to the range the owner used to stock, we are trying to maximise availability on this key part of the customer offer, however we have had some supply and ordering issues which we believe are now resolved.
      The Manager is working hard to make sure we get this right in terms of a consistent offer with strong availability.

      Any requests for additional lines should be raised with the store manager and as a result of we have now ranged loose onions and carrots in the store from this week.

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