The Southern Co-operative’s Lakeside store turns into fantasy battleground

The Southern Co-operative store at Lakeside in Portsmouth became an unlikely setting for an intergalactic battle when it was chosen to star in a video to publicise the launch of PayPoint’s new e-vouchers for some of the world’s most popular gaming brands, including Sony PlayStation, Nintendo and Bin Weevils. Customers can now pay cash at PayPoint for a code which they can use online to buy games and games content.

In the video, two super heroes masquerading as staff members suddenly shocked customers by swapping mops and stock checkers for lightsabers and body armour to fight it out among the aisles.

However, even fantasy warriors uphold The Southern Co-operative’s high standards of customer service, taking a break from their battle for control of haircare and personal products to help out a customer looking for her favourite tea cakes, before resuming their fight to the end.

“The Southern Co-operative’s ethos of customer service and respect for colleagues must have rubbed off on the fantastical characters as, not only were they polite and helpful to our customers, but they even cleared up after themselves!” said Store Manager Paul Locke.

Click here to see the video.