Lenham Colleague Turns 80 Years Young

Jenny Lloyd, an employee at Southern Co-op’s food store in Lenham, turned 80 years young on Thursday 19 October and she shows no signs of slowing down.

Jenny started working at 16 and has had jobs at Harrods, newsagents and pubs in between raising a family. She works for Southern Co-op part time and, in addition to her job at the Lenham store, Jenny fundraises and organises outings for a local social club for the elderly, despite being older than most of the members.

Jenny said: “I felt very honoured to be offered a position at Southern Coop at 79 years old, and feel like a valued and appreciated colleague. I enjoy working very much and the team spirit and sense of family with my colleagues means a lot to me.”

Jenny’s colleague and store manager, Gill Kenward said: “Jenny is an integral part of the community as well as our team and she really cares about the store and her colleagues.  She prides herself on customer service and representing us as a society in a positive manner. She has a fantastic work ethic and is often one of the first people to volunteer help or cover if anyone is off sick. On behalf of everyone at Southern Co-op we wish Jenny a very happy eightieth birthday!