Love Your Neighbourhood

Supporting our local communities makes The Southern Co-operative (TSC) stand out from the crowd; in 2014 we invested over £630,000 and gave 4,700 hours of volunteering time to local good causes.

We have listened to the views of over 4,000 of our members, our colleagues and our partners. We have thought about how we affect our communities, and how changes in our communities might affect us. The one thing that has come through loud and clear as most important for everyone is our support for local communities.

With this feedback in mind, The Southern Co-operative is launching a refreshed new community programme; ‘Love your Neighbourhood’, which builds upon our history of supporting local groups and replaces our community support scheme that’s been running for 10 years. This should increase the positive impact and difference we make to our communities, reinforcing all three of our sustainability priorities to SHARE, PROTECT and SUPPORT.

The new programme includes (click on icon to go to section):


Local Funding (cash donations) (£50-£1,000)

The Southern Co-operative has reviewed the approach we take when it comes to investing in the communities in which we operate. We have worked with our customers, members and colleagues to assess what they would like to see us, as a business, focus on in the future.

The result is the launch of our new community programme, Love Your Neighbourhood, which aims to increase the positive impact and difference we make to our communities.

With this in mind, we are changing our approach to the way we distribute the surplus funds from the carrier bag levy. The majority of the funds raised in this way are being distributed back in the local communities in which we trade via our Local Funding programme and we have decided to invest the surplus by creating 4 regional campaigns partnerships, all addressing our 4 key programme themes: Greener, Safer, Healthier and More Inclusive Neighbourhoods.




More inclusive