Why membership is so important to The Southern Co-operative

As a co-operative society we are owned by our members, who are at the heart of everything we do. As a member, you have a say in shaping our future, enabling us to achieve our goals and continued business success. Our members are crucial, which is exactly why you also qualify for a share of the profits.

Our strong sales growth has meant the Directors of the Society have been able to announce a customer Share of the Profits at the rate of 2p per pound of qualifying member spend. 2016 was the seventh consecutive year that this rate has been maintained. The total amount of profits shared with members in 2016 was £2.8m.

As a member, you’re also invited to join our busy programme of free or subsidised trips and events throughout the year.

Our Facebook page highlights activities, events and news, enabling discussion about relevant topics and queries our members might have; search ‘The Southern Co-operative’ and like our page.

(Note to Existing Colleagues of The Southern Co-operative: If you are a colleague of The Southern Co-operative please do not join online but call the Membership Helpline on: 0800 587 5009 or 0800 652 0124 or email: membersupport@southerncoops.co.uk)

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Members Newsletter
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