Let us introduce your Board of Directors, whose role is to represent members’ interests by ensuring that Southern Co-op operates as a successful co-operative business.

The Board comprises nine directors who are directly elected from the members by the members, of whom up to three may be colleague directors.  This means they are currently employed within Southern Co-op.  In addition, according to Southern Co-op’s constitutional rules, the Board may, subject to member ratification, appoint up to two additional directors as it sees fit and business needs require.  At the AGM on 25th May 2017, on the recommendation of the Board, the members approved the appointment of Mark Ralf, a member of the Society, as Chair Designate.

All Southern Co-op directors must represent the interests of the membership as a whole and not any particular sector so, in particular, colleague directors must consider all members and not just other colleagues.  The Board determines the strategy of Southern Co-op in consultation with the Chief Executive, ensures that long-term objectives are established, policies are approved to achieve these objectives and that the performance of the Chief Executive and his leadership team is monitored effectively.

* Mark Ralf, an existing member of Southern Co-op, was appointed as a director in accordance with the Rules of Southern Co-op on 25th May 2017.  All other directors are elected from the members by the members. Read more on Mark Ralf’s appointment, here.

The Board of Directors are

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Elections for Board of Directors

All members are entitled to vote in the elections for the Board of Directors, provided they have been in membership of the Society for at least six months.
To register to vote please contact Member Support on freephone 0800 65 20 124 or email: membersupport@southerncoops.co.uk
Alternatively eligible members may vote in person, on election day, at our Head Office in Portsmouth.