Joanne Gray

I have extensive commercial experience gained from working in large corporate organisations on many well known household brands; which has been nicely complemented with my most recent experience in strategic consultancy, working with and advising Boards of not-for-profit organisations on strategic direction and growth planning.

I was motivated to join the Southern Co-op Board of Directors because I feel there are real synergies between my personal values and those of the Co-operative, in that I am a very active member of my local community – I volunteer for a number of incredible organisations, with my primary motivation being the desire to want to help others in order to make their life more fulfilling.

On a personal note, I am particularly affectionate about the Co-operative as a brand and organisation; I grew up with my grandmother doing all of her shopping at her local Co-operative – she even planned her own funeral with the help of the Co-operative end of life services. I have myself always had a Co-operative as my corner shop, so have been a regular customer for many years!