southern co-op agm

Last year’s AGM was held on Thursday 25th May at Madejski Stadium, Reading

Our AGM is our opportunity for our members to have a say on how our business is run as well as finding out about the progress we have made over the past year and the work we have undertaken for our local communities

During the day, members:

  • Received a business update detailing the success of the last 12 months;
  • Had the opportunity to vote on the distribution of our Share of the Profits;
  • Learnt who the new Directors to the Board would be;
  • Attended workshops to learn more about different areas of our business;
  • Had the opportunity to ask questions to our Leadership Team.

Below is the presentation from our Chief Executive, Mark Smith:

As well as the main AGM, we held some workshops. These presentations can be viewed in the links below:

1. Our Bereavement Centre – Supporting the journey of grief
2. What is a Co-operative? Our Board, Our Members
3. The New Store Journey

A Q&A session with our Leadership Team was also held.

Q&A questions raised

Photos from the day can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnails.

You can view the voting results here as well as further detail on the motions:

Voting Results

View our full report and accounts here:

Southern Co-op Group Annual Report and Financial Statements to 28th January 2017