The life and times of Carmella the Cow – our Whizz-Kidz Yummy Luvvy!

Reggie Racoon, Gizelle Giraffe, Carmella Cow and Hadley Hippo all need a home this Christmas! The cute, cuddly and scrumptious smelling yummy luvvies are available in The Southern Co-operative stores, priced £3.99 each with all proceeds going to our charity partner, Whizz-Kidz. Perfect for stocking fillers!

Carmella the Cow has spent the week with Whizz-Kidz ambassador, Kayleigh who is 18 from Wiltshire. Here’s a poem through Caramella’s eyes to tell us what she got up to on her week….

Kayleigh and Carmella the Cow

Kayleigh and Carmella the Cow


Today we had busy day!! With lots of excitement too,
We travelled up to Guildford; we had an important job to do.
My owner is an actor you see, and wants to be a star,
We went for an audition, with hopes that she’ll go far.

We sat in the audition room; we were both so scared,
But I was calmly reassured that my owner was prepared.
Luckily she had a friend there too, to help to calm her fears,
I really REALLY enjoyed my day; I’ll remember it for years!!

That night we watched a movie,
And reflected on the day,
Kayleigh was very nervous,
But I made it go away.


Today we travelled on a train, so Kay could go to school,
The train went really really fast, I found it super cool!!
She goes to an academy, specifically for musical theatre,
She will get on stage and sing in shows, I don’t know how it doesn’t fear her!

Today we did some singing,
And then we did a quiz,
I sat and watched her use her skills,
That she learnt from Whizz-Kidz.

After that we travelled home, but our tasks were not yet done,
My owner had to make some cakes,
For a charity event she helps run.
The cakes were made for Christmas,
They were decorated one by one,
I even got to try one,
They were really yum!!!


Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 19.58.00

Today we got a lie in,
Thank goodness for that rest!
Once again we’re very busy,
But it’s really for the best.

We’re working at the Christmas fair,
Selling the cakes we have made,
There were lots of stalls selling gifts,
Most of which were handmade.

That night we went out to the pub,
I swear we didn’t drink!!
We were at a ceremony,
For charity workers who keep things in sync.

We handed out awards to the hard working people before us,
Then we had to sing a song; the audience adored us!
We ate some food and talked to friends,
Then the group was presented a gift,
A cash donation from the pub, to give the charity a lift!



Its Sunday today, that’s our day of rest!
But my idea of restful is now a thing of the past!
Today my owner is seeing friends, and going out for lunch,
And then she has her dance class, and I’ll meet the friendly bunch.

For lunch we went to Frankie and Bennys,
For a lovely two course meal,
I got to meet Kay’s best friend,
Their friendships made of steel.

We then went on to dance class,
And I got to meet the group,
We filmed the dance for her exams,
She tried to keep me in the loop.

That night as Kay lay sleeping,
I pondered over our days,
I’m so glad I have my new best friend,
I hope she always stays.



Oh what a lovely Monday,
Is what some people say,
But Kayleigh’s really tired,
And not ready for the day.

I went along with the routine,
She was getting ready to go,
To classes down in Bristol,
She had lots of work to show.

Theory lessons were cancelled,
Oh what a lovely treat!
Now we get to dance all day,
There is hope for this week!


Today we travelled back again,
Another journey on the train,
Working hard to achieve our dreams,
The work is endless so it seems!

We worked so hard; we stayed so strong,
But everything started going wrong!
We missed the train, we got home late,
The printer broke, our career at stake,

But when the times got really tough,
We didn’t shout, “I’ve had enough!”
We pushed on through and got it done,
It’s all over now; the battle is won!

An early night is well deserved,
And so we retired saying “goodnight world”
We always have such busy days!
But I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 20.06.45

Today we travelled in a car,
To Chichester, which is very far!
We’re off to an audition day,
The weather here is pretty grey!

Kayleigh had to prove she’s right,
For the course in which she has applied.
She tried so hard, and did her best,
But it really put her to the test!

She will find out in a week or so,
If Chichester is the place she’ll go.
But whilst we wait, we’ll just have fun,
And count the days until auditions are done!

This evening we had a takeaway,
Reflecting on our adventures today,
My friend she is the very best!
Truly better than all the rest!



We had an early start today
We had lots of things to do!
But first we had a lecture,
With the rest of the Filton crew.

We had to learn to sight sing,
A useful skill for sure,
I did get kind of bored though,
Oh how I wish I could run out the door!

Once home we started trying
To get into the Christmas spirit
We made some yummy Christmas cake
Its December already, I don’t believe it!
We stirred in all the ingredients,
And we got to lick the spoon,
It smelled so good and looked great,
We were all over the moon!

That night we spent it with Tasja,
A special friend to me,
She doesn’t care about Kayleigh’s chair,
Their bond you can really see.

In the last day of my diary,
I’d like to say a thank-you,
For giving me this special friend,
You really didn’t have to!

I have experienced things beyond belief,
Its opened up my eyes,
To the great big world around me,
It’s been a big surprise!

Kayleigh was born with FND (Functional Neurological Disorder) leaving the muscles in her legs very weak so that she has difficulty walking and needs to use a lightweight manual wheelchair. Kayleigh is currently on our waiting list for a new lightweight manual wheelchair. We asked her what it was like for her to not have the right equipment, she said,

‘I can’t get around on my own, I get laughed at my classmates because my chair is tatty and heavy, I often can’t go out and enjoy myself because my chair is too broken and wide – it costs a lot of money to fix so it makes me concerned for my family. I don’t enjoy using my current chair because it makes me feel ugly and unconfident.’

Kayleigh first got in touch with Whizz-Kidz when she sent this email, ‘Please help me, I have no friends, I don’t go anywhere and I don’t know what to do – please can you help me I am desperate.’

She now attends a Whizz-Kidz ambassador club in Bristol and this is how it has completely transformed her life,

‘When I first joined the Bristol Ambassador Club I was nervous, shy and bored. I had no friends and if I’m being honest, I was embarrassed by my disability. I often shied away from public events and I found it hard to interact with others.

‘Becoming a Whizz-Kidz Ambassador has been a real turning point for me. It has given me a sense of pride, happiness and acceptance.  I’ve made some amazing friends at my club, and from attending camp and first aid training. I’m now embracing my abilities rather than dwelling on my disability and I am proud of the skills I have developed.’