stand against violence strip

Stand Against Violence (SAV) is a specialist violence prevention charity that focuses on the reduction of interpersonal violence through research based primary prevention measures; namely education.

Set up in 2005 following the tragic murder of 17 year old Lloyd Fouracre, SAV aims to prevent future tragedies such as this. With over 9 years experience in violence prevention SAV is experienced in providing workshops and resources that tackle the issue of violence from multiple perspectives…

SAV exists to reduce street violence by using unique educational resources. The charity has three main focus points:

  • To promote good citizenship among young people.
  • To demonstrate the consequences of violence.
  • To equip young people with the skills they need to handle potentially violent situations.

SAV delivers educational services to schools and youth centres through workshops, assemblies and peer programmes.

SAV works closely with other organisations including the police, other violence prevention organisations and research bodies. SAVs knowledge is constantly kept up to date through unique partnerships with the Centre for Public Health based at the Liverpool John Moores University who specialise in violence and work closely with the World Health Organisation.