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Below are the Terms and Conditions in relation to membership of The Southern Co-operative Limited (“Southern Co-op” or “the Society”).  Use of your membership card will be seen as your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

To download the registered rules of Southern Co-op please CLICK HERE.

  1. As a member of Southern Co-op you agree to comply with the Rules of Southern Co-op and to these Terms and Conditions of Membership. Our Rules can be found on our website or can be obtained upon request from Member Support.  All Members must be at least 14 years of age.  Members must be at least 16 years of age, have held membership for at least 6 months and have made purchases with Southern Co-op in the year prior to vote/attended a Members’ Meeting to receive democratic rights.
  2. As a member of Southern Co-op you will receive a Co-operative Membership card. The card is issued by and remains the property of Southern Co-op, who may withdraw the card at any time. Your card is evidence of your membership and you may be required to produce this in certain circumstances.  The membership card is not a credit card, cheque guarantee card, debit card, loyalty card or a savings account card.  If the card is lost, stolen or damaged, replacement cards are available from Member Support. An administrative charge may apply for replacement cards.
  3. The Co-operative Membership card can only be used by, and for the benefit of the member named on the front of the card and when that person has signed the back of the card. You may not transfer any of your rights and duties under this scheme. If you are no longer able to look after your own affairs you can appoint a power of attorney to operate your card.  The power of attorney will be able to request to receive any outstanding Share of the Profits to be paid to you but they will not have any other power such as voting or participating in any democratic activity.
  4. The Co-operative Membership card is valid in outlets operated by Southern Co-op and those of other co-operative businesses, or their franchises, participating in The Co-operative Membership Affinity Scheme (‘Affinity Partners’). Southern Co-op and Affinity Partners will display The Co-operative Membership sign at their outlets or on their website as an indication that the scheme operates at that location.  Franchise stores not operating under ‘The Co-operative Food’ brand do not participate in the Co‑operative Membership scheme.  Points cannot be earned in petrol filling station sites.
  5. Share of the Profits points are earned on transactions that you make with Southern Co-op or Affinity Partners. To earn points you must present your Co-operative Membership Card at the beginning of a transaction at a participating outlet. If you make purchases online or over the telephone you must quote your card number to earn points.  Share of the Profits points may be awarded in other circumstances at the discretion of Southern Co-op, e.g. for democratic participation or in promotional offers.
  6. Points issued on purchases are only applicable on actual spend, after any applicable discounts. One point is issued for every penny of eligible spend. There is no minimum spend before points can be earned. Some products are excluded from the scheme and are listed below:
    Southern Co-op Food stores
    • Purchase of online Lottery and Instants
    • Tobacco, Cigarettes, Cigars and Tobacco related products
    • Purchases of Savings Stamps
    • Purchases of Gift vouchers or cards
    • Purchases using promotional vouchers
    • Purchases from Post Offices
    • Purchases from PayPoint & Paystation
    • Baby milk
    • Stamps
    • Milk Tokens and vouchers
    • Fuel
    • Phone cards / top ups
    • In-store concessions
    • Any services provided by a third party company
    • Cash back transactions
    Southern Co-op Florist 
    • On-line Floristry Orders
    • Interflora Orders
    Southern Co-op Funeralcare
    • Disbursements on funeral arrangements (e.g. Doctors fees or Ministers Fees)
  7. If you purchase goods from us or any Affinity Partner and return them for a refund (or if you cancel/amend a funeral or holiday booking or other service) we/they may remove/amend any points you have earned from your card.  This will not apply where this is as a result of a valid complaint.
  8. If you are unable to produce your Co-operative Membership card at the time of purchase you can register your purchase and claim points by obtaining a supervisor signature on your receipt at the time of purchase and by sending this to Member Support. Claims will only be accepted on purchases made within the current financial year, and only for the period you were a member.
  9. Points are accumulated for each financial trading year and do not acquire a cash value until the members of Southern Co-op or the Affinity Partner have agreed the total distributions for their Share of the Profits at their Annual General Meeting following the financial year end. The points you receive from shopping with an Affinity Partner may not necessarily be paid at the same rate as that which Southern Co-op pays out. Each co-operative in the Affinity Scheme has the right to set their points value for different services at whatever rate is agreed by their members or may decide that no Share of the Profits is to be paid in a particular year. All payments due will be included on your Southern Co-op Share of the Profits statement with those paid by Affinity Partners being separately shown.
  10. Following the Annual General Meeting of Southern Co-op each year, a Share of the Profits will be paid if approved by the members. Where approved, the payment will be in accordance with the value declared by our members and the rate will be dependent on our profits and at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors.  Any Share of the Profits declared by members of Affinity Partners that you have earned through the Co-operative Membership Affinity Scheme will also be paid in line with their agreed timescales for payment.
  11. Share of the Profits is paid out in vouchers which may be redeemed in Southern Co-op stores or the stores of Affinity Partners. Full Terms and Conditions relating to voucher use will be included in the Share of the Profits payout voucher mailing.  You must present a valid active Membership Card when you spend your vouchers.  Change will be issued when partially spending Share of the Profits vouchers issued by Southern Co-op in stores operated by Southern Co-op.
  12. Your Share of the Profits will be rounded down to the nearest pound and the odd pence will be given to a charity/charities selected by Southern Co-op. You can opt to have your entire Share of the Profits donated to such charities if you so wish. This can be set up in advance of the distribution by contacting Member Support.  Should you wish to donate your Share of the Profits after the distribution this can be arranged by sending your vouchers with a covering note requesting this to Member Support.
  13. If you have previously instructed us to pay 100% of your Share of the Profits to charity and wish to cancel this instruction you may do so by contacting Member Support. If you have already received your Share of the Profits statement at this time, the donation to the charity may be cancelled provided Southern Co-op is notified no later than 31st October in the year of the payment. In such cases your Share of the Profits will be paid to you in replacement vouchers.
  14. If you do not receive your Share of the Profits vouchers when initially distributed, Southern Co‑op may, at their absolute discretion, replace them. However, no claims will be considered until 8 weeks after the date of posting. Claims should be made by contacting Member Support.   We will not be able to replace lost or stolen vouchers after their original receipt by you.
  15. Share of the Profits vouchers totalling £10 or more may, at the absolute discretion of Southern Co-op, be converted into a cash payment upon request. Payments will only be made by BACS to a nominated bank account in the name of the member to whom the vouchers were issued. To arrange this, vouchers should be sent with a covering note requesting this to Member Support.
  16. In accordance with the Rules of Southern Co-op the Board of Directors have the right to forfeit a member’s entire Share of the Profits payment where the member has been found to be fraudulently using a membership card to accumulate Share of the Profits points for purchases for which they have not themselves paid or where they fraudulently use a membership card to apply colleague discount to a purchase which has not been paid for by the colleague member or the additional cardholder named on the membership card in use. Where the Board of Directors determine that this is the case, they will notify the member.
  17. As a member you are required to hold and retain at least one £1 share fully paid in Southern Co‑op. When your membership is accepted your share ledger balance will be zero and the minimum shareholding of £1 will be deducted from your Share of the Profits payments that you are eligible to receive.  By accepting membership you agree for such payment(s) to be taken from your Share of the Profits and for them to be credited to your share account.  Members may nominate a person to inherit the proceeds of their share account on death by completing a nomination form, available from Member Support.  We pay interest at 0.5 percent on share accounts with a balance over £100. The determination of this rate is at the absolute discretion of the Board.
  18. As a member it is your responsibility to inform us if your details change such as your name or address. Please contact Member Support or use the online form on our website to update your details.  This will ensure we are able to send you your Share of the Profits payments and other membership communications.
  19. In the event of a dispute, Southern Co-op’s decision on the matter shall be final and binding. The Board of Directors of the Society has the power to refuse any application for membership without reason.
  20. We value your membership, however, as a consumer co-operative, we reserve the right, subject to conditions in the Rules, to forfeit this membership if within the immediately preceding period of two years you have not made purchases from or traded with Southern Co-op. If your membership is cancelled and you wish it to be reinstated you may contact Member Support providing details of why you consider that your membership should be active and we will reconsider our decision to cancel.
  21. Should you wish to cancel your membership please write to Member Support.
  22. In accordance with the Rules of Southern Co-op the Board of Directors has the right to expel a member for conduct detrimental to Southern Co-op. Formal notice, an opportunity to answer such allegations and a right of appeal will be given to the member.
  23. In the event of us being advised of the death of a member any shares held by the member shall be paid to their estate. Any Share of the Profits vouchers issued to the member which remain unspent may be returned to Southern Co-op and will be converted to cash and paid to the deceased member’s estate. A trustee in the bankruptcy of a member may apply to us for repayment of the member’s share account.
  24. In the event of your membership being cancelled for any reason the points balance will be surrendered and no vouchers issued.
  25. By joining Southern Co-op you agree that you are committed to the Society remaining a co-operative and support co-operative values and principles and hereby agree to assign to SCL (Members) Trustee Limited, which will act as trustee for such registered charity or charities, established for the benefit of the community in the trading area of the Society, as the Directors of the Society shall determine, but to no other person, the rights to any conversion benefits (as defined below) to which you may otherwise become entitled as a member or former member of the Society at any time before, or within three years after, your membership of the Society ceases. This agreement is irrevocable and authorises the Society to make over to the trustee any such benefits without further notice to you. ‘Conversion benefits’ for the purpose of this Clause means any distribution of cash or transferable shares (including any bonus issue or conversion of existing share) or other benefit having a monetary value (save for a members’ entitlement to repayment of any sums paid by them to the Society as the nominal value of their shares and the repayment of any sums loaned to or deposited by them with the Society together with any accrued interest thereon) arising under or in connection with or as a consequence of (whether immediately or at some future date or dates) any conversion of the Society into, or amalgamation of the Society with or transfer of engagements to, a company incorporated under the Companies Acts or any other Co-operative society or societies one or more of which societies is not a member of the Co-operatives UK Ltd, under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 therefore provided always that nothing in this definition shall be construed as extending to the purported exclusion or limitation of their inalienable statutory rights as a member of this or such other societies.

Southern Co-op follows a Code of Practice and has to provide a statement to its members of the nature of their shareholding investment and any changes affecting it. As a member you are a shareholder of Southern Co-op. If Southern Co-op is unable to meet its debts and other liabilities, you will lose the whole amount held in shares, hence it is known as risk capital. This may make it inappropriate as a place to invest savings.  The Financial Services Compensation Scheme, which applies to banks and building society accounts and to some investments, does not apply to your share account. Southern Co-op, unlike banks and building societies and investment firms, is not authorised and supervised by The Financial Conduct Authority (although it may be registered by it). Therefore you cannot claim compensation under this Scheme in the event of Southern Co-op not being able to pay out your share capital.   You may withdraw money from your share account at any time unless the Board of Directors have removed this facility under our Rules. Withdrawable share capital does not characterise an investment in the conventional sense. The withdrawable share capital held in your share account may receive interest but the shares do not increase in value. It is primarily for the purpose of supporting the Society rather than making an investment.  The Financial Ombudsman Service does not apply to your share account or your relationship with Southern Co-op but under our Rules any dispute may be the subject of arbitration as set out in the Rules.

Data Protection – For details of our Data Protection arrangements please see our Privacy Notice or contact our Data Protection Officer by email at or by telephone on 02392 222500.

Any changes to the terms and conditions relating to membership will be published on our website in accordance with our Rules.




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